Penguin Diner 4


The Penguin Diner 4 is a time management game that can be enjoyed on all iOS and Android devices. In this game, you will have an endless stream of customers visiting your restaurant, and they can grow impatient if their dishes are not served on time. So, you need to be very quick in making them seated and serving them their ordered dishes. Also, ensure that you take the bill and clean the table promptly so that the next customer can be seated on the table.

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In this series of Penguin Diner, you start the game with a couple of tables and some basic accessories to attract the customers. Once you get the knack of the entire operations, you can improve your restaurant by purchasing various products from the game store. Here is a list of things that you could purchase from the game store:

  • With each new level, try to bring new things to the shop. Start with adding more tables to your restaurant.
  • Then, use the money for repairing the restaurant.
  • Purchase roller skates for yourself so that you can serve the customers quickly.
  • Try to invest in a good chef as he will cook good food for you and bring more variety in your menu card.
  • Some decorative items can be purchased to make your restaurant beautiful so that more customers are attracted.

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The game is perfect for kids of all ages. They might be slow in serving the customers, which will get them stuck up on a few stages of the game. So, to make their game simpler, here are some tips that will enable them to deliver the dishes with a smile:

  • Multi task your work: Take several orders at a time and serve them together so that all are done with their food at the same time. This will enable you to work on several customers together, and make things quicker.
  • Serve the impatient customers first as they will get angry quickly.
  • Try to place the customers that have matching clothes with your table seats. This will help you to earn rewards.
  • Keep a track on the level’s goal. You need to make sure that your goal is fulfilled every time.
  • A table for four should be filled with four people and not two people as this will end up with many irritated customers.
  • Double-tap the table to pick the bill and clean the table at the same time. This will save a lot of time.
  • Serve coffee to irritated customers as it will soothe them.
  • It is not easy to earn the in-game currency so don’t let it go easily.
  • The money that is earned can be used for upgrading the restaurant so that you can serve your customers properly.

The Penguin Diner 4 is an entertaining game that will keep you captivated to your screens. You cannot move to the next day until you complete the goal of your current day. This feature of the game will keep you forever engrossed and hooked, so have fun!

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