Penguin Diner 2


Penny, the Penguin had earned enough money to go back home in Penguin Diner 1 game. In Penguin Diner 2, she is back to the same restaurant after having a long sea voyage. During all this time, the quality of food has reduced considerably and most of the customers are unhappy with the restaurant. However, Penny is ready to bring the hotel business back in form in Antarctic. So, she decides to start her own chain of restaurants. Are you ready to help her out in this mission?

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Each day, Penny will be provided with a target to complete in her restaurant. For instance, day one starts with earning $70. Whatever she earns will go to her bank and will end up as a saving for her. She can use these savings to purchase accessories from the Antarctic Accessories Shop. Here are the lists of accessories that are available in the shop. Some of these are unlocked and will get locked as Penny progresses in the game. The ones that are available right now for purchase are:

  • Skates: This will help her to serve faster in the restaurant.
  • Tables and Chairs: These will make customers happy and comfortable.
  • Chefs: Experienced chefs will cook faster in her restaurant.
  • Entertainment: The Antarctic Radio will keep the customers busy and patient will the food is served to them.
  • Decorations: Table cloths, painting, curtains, etc. will make the restaurant beautiful and will attract more customers.
  • Uniform: Penny can change her uniform often for a minimal amount so that she looks good in front of the customers.
  • Party themes: Customized party themes will make the restaurant lively and fun.

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Here are a few instructions that you should follow to survive for longer in the game:

  • Make the customers seated on an available table.
  • When they call for you, take the order from them quickly.
  • As soon as the dish is ready, a bell will ring. Penny needs to carry the food and give it to the right customer.
  • Pick the tip and clean the table when the customer has left.

Penguin Diner 2 is a perfect game for kids and can keep them engrossed for many days. The game is mouse-based so that the kids can manage to play the game without any difficulties. You need to click on the customers, tables, food, etc. to make things work faster. However, if you still get stuck up with a level, then here are some tips that you could follow:

  • Always carry two dishes at once as this will save a lot of time.
  • Spend some money on purchasing upgrades as this will make your customers comfortable and they will end up giving you more tips.
  • Make the boy and girl couple seated on the table with flowers.
  • Better chefs will cook the food quickly. Moreover, new dishes will make the customers happy.

All these tips and tricks will surely make your restaurant the best one in the town. So, have fun while playing the Penguin Diner 2 online game.

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