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Penguin Diner is an interesting game for kids of all ages. In this game, Penny the Penguin has lost her way back home. She had gone on a trek to the Antarctic and is stuck up on an icy mountain. There isn’t any money left with her to get back home. So, she finds the job of a waitress for herself to earn some money. Can you help her out to earn enough money quickly so that she can go back home?

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Penny needs to reach different targets every day and the game starts with earning $105 on day one. It is a timer game so you need to be real quick. The controls of the game are simple and as it is a mouse-based game so you need to click the customer, food, table, and everything else to make it function quickly. At the end of every day you will get a detailed record of the amount that you had to earn, money that you earned, and your profits. These profits will reach your bank and will keep getting accumulated with every successful day.

Here are some instructions that you should follow to survive for longer in the game:

  • Ensure that you get your customers seated on the available tables. Usually they wait to be seated, so you need to click the waiting penguin and then click the table that is free.
  • As soon as the customer says, ‘hello’ it means that he is ready to place the order. So, you need to take their order immediately.
  • When the food is ready, you need to select the dish and click on the customer who has placed an order for it. In this way, you can serve the food to your customers.
  • Click the table to pick the cash when the customer has finished eating. You need to even clear the table and make it ready for the next customer.

>> Play Penguin Diner 1 <<


There are several upgrades available in the upgrade shop. However, most of them are locked and can be unlocked only when you complete few levels. Listed below are the upgrades that are unlocked in the beginning of the game:

  • Faster Skates: Helps in increasing the speed.
  • Better Televisions: Entertains customers and makes them patient to wait till the food is ready.
  • Comfier Seats: This will lead to more tips for Penny as the customers will be seated comfortably.

The game is easy to play; however, if you get stuck up on any level then you can use the below-mentioned tips:

  • Always keep a track on the time as 9:00 p.m. is the time limit allotted to you for earning money. After that time you cannot earn money.
  • You should put the unwanted dishes in the trash can, which an angry customer has left on the table.
  • Serve customers quickly as a happy customer will give you bigger tips. This will enable you to earn more money and reach the daily targets quickly.
  • Always visit the upgrade shop at the end of the day.
  • Make use of Penny’s profits for purchasing useful stuff from the upgrade shop. This will help her to earn more money.

Make Penny earn a lot of money every day so that she can get back to her home quickly.

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