Welcome to the Penguin Diner Homepage! In this website, we will provide you with in-depth information on tips, tricks, levels, controls, etc. of your favorite game. So, are you interested in playing online games that involve cooking and serving the customers? Do you want to be a proud owner of a restaurant that attracts endless number of customers?

If the answer to all these queries is a positive, then it’s time for you to play the Penguin Diner game series! The Penguin Diner is an addictive online game that will make you yearn for more. The various versions of the game will keep you busy for several days. So, get ready for some fun time with Penny, the Penguin. Penny is a cute little penguin who has gone for a trek to the Antarctic.

Penguin Diner 1                                 

Penny, the Penguin is stuck up on an icy mountain as she has lost her way back home. She needs your help as there isn’t any money left with her to reach back home. To earn some money, she has started working as a waitress in a restaurant. The game is a mouse-based one, so you need to point and click on everything to make them move. It is an entertaining game for kids as well as adults. Will you be able to make Penny earn enough money to go back home?

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Penguin Diner 2

Penny is back to her restaurant after a long sea voyage. She wants to bring the restaurant business back in form at Antarctic because the hotel industry is in crises. So, she starts her own chain of restaurants. The game is an addictive one, as you keep trying to earn more money for Penny. You can also purchase several accessories for her from the game shop and make her restaurant the best one is town.

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Penguin Diner 3

The game continues and Penny is happy to serve her customers once again in Antarctic. In this series of the game, the food is already available on the table so Penny has to be very quick for serving them to the clients. Most of the customers will just walk away if Penny does not serve instantly. So, purchasing the roller skates for Penny becomes extremely important in this game. Ensure that the first thing you purchase from the game shop is roller skates for her to move quickly. It is a speed game and if you are slow then you will not be able to progress in it.

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Penguin Diner 4

There are endless customers waiting to dine in your restaurant. Will you be able to make all of them happy? You need to multi-task your operations to finish the job quickly. An irritated customer would never come back to your restaurant, so be careful and focus on your work. Once you have earned enough money, spend it on beautifying your restaurant and making things work quicker. The game is an engrossing one, so be prepared to spend a lot of time playing it! Have fun!

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